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N O   T R A I L E R

The Eviction Of Intellect

Type: Documentary Series
Director: Eberhard Büssem
Length: 2 parts of 45 min
DVD 1: „Carl Djerassi – Vienna’s lost son“
DVD 2: „The Eviction of Intellect – Four World Stars of Science“
Cast: Alfred Bader, Carl Djerassi, Walter Kohn and Peter Pulzer
Production: Adrialpe Media
Worldsales: Filmdelights

Alfred Bader, Carl Djerassi, Walter Kohn and Peter Pulzer are Viennese-born world-famous scientists of great importance. Despite their old age they still work actively in scientific research and the implementation of their research findings in practice. The impact of their innovations will continue to shape the “technical and historical consciousness“ until far into the 21st century. However, their brilliant careers are marked by a traumatic start: due to their Jewish origins, the four scientists were expelled from Vienna in 1938/39 when they were still children and young people and had to establish their new lives abroad.
What do they think today about the loss of their home country and what were, in their opinion, the reasons for their scientific success? How could they realize their innovations and how are they put into practice?