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New York November

Type: Feature Film
Directors: Joachim Krenn, Gerhard Fillei
Length: 105 min
Cast: Matthew Mark Meyer, Claudia Vick, Sal Giorno, Tim Kirkpatrick, Jimena Hoyos, Billy Crosby
Production: Finnworks & Adrialpe Media
Distributor: W-Film

1999, a few days before Thanksgiving. After a disastrous bank robbery attempt in Los Angeles fails, Bruce McGray hits rock bottom. He longs to leave everything behind and start a new life. Maybe even in the place in South America so vividly described in an unknown woman’s diary: An abandoned orange grove on the coast of Columbia.
As he finds several disturbing photos in the diary, for some reason they seem familiar to him and he senses he must somehow be connected to this mysterious young woman. Bruce has no idea that this book will bring his entire past into question. As federal authorities and the New York police close in, Bruce sets out on a desperate search to discover his true identity.