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N O   T R A I L E R

Eviction of Intelligence: Martin Karpuls – The invisible made visible

Type: TV – Documentary for ORF
Director: Eberhard Büssem
Length: 47 min
Status: Released in 2017

Martin Karplus was born in Vienna on the 15th of March 1930 and, in 1938, was forced into exile by the Nazis. The film portrays Martin Karplus on location at his scientific work in Harvard and Strasbourg. It attempts to portray and understand the results of his research while projecting forward to his potential impact on medicine and pharmacology.

The film crew accompanies Martin Karplus to Vienna where, in the spring of 2015, on the 650th anniversary of the University, he will be presented with an honorary doctorate. As a part of this tribute an exhibition of his photography will be held. And along with this he seeks to be convinced that in Vienna, anti-Semitism is finally in retreat.