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Die Hahnenkammbahn – Mythos Kitzbühel

Type: TV – Documentary for ServusTV
Director: Sascha Köllnreitner
Length: 45 min
Status: in postproduction

The documentary “Die Hahnenkammbahn” is the third part of the series “Mythos Kitzbühel”. After “Franz Reisch” und “Das Wunderteam”, we are now focusing on this imposing structure which heavily influenced Kitzbühel´s tourism and made the city world famous.

The film will not only narrate the idea and construction, but also highlight the people and stories connected to the Hahnenkammbahn until today. Architecture, culture, tourism, sports history and personal experiences are united in stories and achievements that continue to have a current prominent effect. The film will narrate a multifacetted piece of history that blends together seamlessly the past and present.