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Mythos Kitzbühel – Das Wunderteam

Type: TV – Documentary for ServusTV
Director: Sascha Köllnreiter
Length: 47 min
Status: Released in 2021

Wunderteam, our documentary about the team from Kitzbühel (Toni Sailer, Ernst Hinterseer, Fritz Huber, Hias Leitner, Andere Molterer, Christian Pravda) which counts as a legend upon the ski world. Having conquered the international ski world, these heroes became a myth and left a mark that still reverberates to this day.

Set in Kitzbühel, in the 50s, the beginning of a new era. The six local heroes which knew each other since their youth were conquering the international ski world in flight. And so, from one success to the next, the „Kitzbühel Wonder Team“ was born.
To the applause of the war-torn population, Ernst Hinterseer, Fritz Huber, Hias Leitner, Anderl Molterer, Christian Pravda and Toni Sailer, also known as the “white magicians”, advanced to become heroes of the reconstruction generation. They helped Austrian skiing to achieve world fame as did Kitzbühel, its epicenter. By 1960, the miracle team would have won 27 medals at major events.